From the Dogstar Team in Sri Lanka and local and international partners and supporters.

Ways to help Dogstar in 2020

By Tamsin Webb | Jan 13, 2020

As a supporter of Dogstar, there are so many different ways you can help even if you are unable to make a financial contribution. Below are just a few ideas of ways you can get involved and help the street dogs in Sri Lanka. We’d love to welcome you to the team and become a part of…

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Sri Lankan street puppy

Inhumane Dog Population Management

By Samantha Green | Oct 30, 2019

I recently saw a  Facebook video of a dog population management program, it showed dogs being housed in crowded pens, vocalising from pain or fear, and horrifically a dog being lifted 4 feet off the ground by its neck using a snare pole, it should go without saying under no circumstances EVER should a dog…

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beach dog Negombo Sri Lanka sterilsied by Dogstar Foundation

Hello from Sri Lanka

By Samantha Green | Aug 11, 2019

A personal apology and explanation from me as to why we haven’t been in contact with you for a few months Dogstar’s office and team are all based in Negombo, which was one of the cities devastated by the Easter bombings. Although we are all physically okay, as a team, we suffered losses in our…

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A Pool Patch of Kindness

By Tamsin Webb | Jul 27, 2019

Players at the GB 9 Ball Tour, Britain’s official professional 9 ball pool tour supported Dogstar last weekend at their pool competition event in Telford. A huge thank you to a very kind GB9 player who wishes to remain anonymous, who kindly purchased I Support Dogstar sports patches to sell at the event which helped promote…

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The sun sets on our first week back delivering field work 

By Samantha Green | May 11, 2019

Our local community have been very responsive and pleased to see the team back, we feel the 2 weeks break we took as a mark of respect after the Easter Sunday attacks was the right thing to do.

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Easter Sunday Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka

By Samantha Green | Apr 21, 2019

Our country is bleeding  This morning close to where we were working in Negombo there was a large explosion at Saint Sebastions church during Easter Mass  Within minutes there were reports of further explosions in churches and hotels in Colombo and Batticaloa, and two further explosions this afternoon in Colombo. So far eight blasts have…

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Berry’s – 9 week update

By Tamsin Webb | Apr 17, 2019

Berry 9 weeks go….. When we found Berry on the streets, she was in a world of pain with her skin as hard as stone and pieces flaking off, she was emaciated, her hips and ribs were protruding and it was clear she needed extensive treatment to ensure her survival. You can read all about…

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Critical Care – Anthony

By Tamsin Webb | Apr 16, 2019

Last week our team picked up another Critic Care case, this sweet and loving boy we named Anthony. Anthony was found with a deep wound on his head and was admitted to the animal hospital for further tests. We do not know how this happened, but suspect it was an act by a cruel human.…

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Critical Care – Rexy

By Tamsin Webb | Apr 16, 2019

On 25th March 2019, our team picked up this adorable street dog we have named Rexy. Rexy was taken to our clinic, examined and found to have a suspected bladder hernia and was admitted to the animal hospital for further testing and possible surgery. At the clinic whilst waiting to be transported to the animal…

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