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Education | Why animal welfare is all about people

By Samantha Green | Sep 7, 2013

A lot people contact me about the suffering of street dogs but owned animals in Sri Lanka can suffer just as much if not more as their roaming counterparts, common welfare issues for owned dogs include tethering and excessive kenneling, poor diet, lack of water, pups removed from their mum before they are weaned, failure…

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Canine genocide or canine care ?

By Samantha Green | Aug 13, 2013

Recently on Facebook I have been called cruel and heartless , an animal abuser , accused of canine genocide and being “as bad as Hitler” because of Dogstar’s stance on the humane sterilisation of roaming and owned dogs and cats in Sri Lanka

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Does charity really begin at home ?

By Samantha Green | Aug 4, 2013

Whats really more important , the geographical location of charity or its impact ?

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Voluntourism : Why volunteering overseas can be the wrong choice

By Samantha Green | May 30, 2013

Volunteering overseas can be the wrong choice , often you can help a charity far more effectivity from your own country

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Childrens education program ” be kind be safe”

By Samantha Green | Mar 7, 2012

Teaching children how to interact with animals safely in a country where Rabies is present saves human life’s and makes the community safer for everyone ,  dog bites and the fear of dog bites can be the trigger for dog culls. Working with a UK based artist Claire Pitt “The Doodologist” , Dogstar Foundation has…

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