From the Dogstar Team in Sri Lanka and local and international partners and supporters.

Critical Care – Bobbie

By Tamsin Webb | Apr 16, 2019

On 30th March our team came across this 3 month old puppy we named Bobbie. Bobbie was lying by the side of the road, barely breathing, emaciated and on inspection looked to have a broken jaw. Bobbie was transferred immediately to the animal hospital in Colombo to start treatment and was diagnosed to have a…

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Berry’s Amazing transformation in just 5 weeks

By Tamsin Webb | Mar 14, 2019

Berry 5 weeks go….. When we found Berry on the streets, she was in a world of pain with her skin as hard as stone and pieces flaking off, she was emaciated, her hips and ribs were protruding and it was clear she needed extensive treatment to ensure her survival. You may recall when we…

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International Women’s day 2019

By Tamsin Webb | Mar 8, 2019

This International Women’s Day we celebrate and share our founder and CEO Samantha Green’s incredible story. If you have been following Dogstar since 2006 you will know that Sam’s chance meeting with a dog called Mango lead to the creation of Dogstar Foundation. Sam’s vision and commitment has improved and continues to improve the lives…

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How you can support Dogstar

By Tamsin Webb | Feb 13, 2019

As a supporter of Dogstar, there are so many different ways you can help even if you are unable to make a financial contribution. Here are just a few ideas from hundreds of  ways you can get involved and help the street dogs in Sri Lanka. We’d love to welcome you to the team and become…

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Street Dog Skin Care – Berry

By Tamsin Webb | Feb 13, 2019

Berry is a street dog who lives in a local community close to the fish market, whilst out on our Street Dog Skin Care program, we stumbled across Berry who was in a world of pain with her skin as hard as stone and pieces flaking off, she was emaciated and her hips and ribs…

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Justice for Charlie the Negombo Labrador

By Samantha Green | Jan 4, 2019

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE Please help us get justice for Charlie who burnt alive in his kennel just a few miles from our head office here in Negombo Sri Lanka. On the 31st December 2018 in the middle of the night whilst Charlie was in his kennel, he was covered in kerosene and set on…

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සුභ නව වසරක් ( Happy New Year )

By Samantha Green | Jan 2, 2019

Let’s begin 2019 with a fabulous positive blog post about what can happen when people globally support a charity in a country many of you have visited briefly on holiday and some of you have never even visited Your love, your support and your donations make miracles happen for thousands and thousands of animals for…

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Adrian Burder 1964 – 2018

By Samantha Green | Nov 21, 2018

The world of animal welfare has lost a true star, Adrian Burder Dogs Trust CEO tragically died last month after a short illness Dogs Trust announcement Adrian Burder obituary |The Times  Adrian was simply one in a million, a genuine man with a passion for animal welfare and a fierce supporter of those working hands-on with…

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A wedding with a Gift of Love….

By Tamsin Webb | Nov 14, 2018

On this special day…… Huge congratulations goes to Dogstar supporters Smita and Michael on their wedding day! On the 29th September 2018, whilst the sun was shining down, Smita and Michael were married. Instead of gifts for their wedding Smita and Michael asked guests to give gifts of love to one of their chosen charities which Dogstar was…

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