Teaching children how to interact with animals safely in a country where Rabies is present saves human life’s and makes the community safer for everyone ,  dog bites and the fear of dog bites can be the trigger for dog culls.

Working with a UK based artist Claire Pitt “The Doodologist” , Dogstar Foundation has created a childrens eduction program and colouring book “Be kind , be safe , be a dogstar” to teach children to interact safely and kindly , promote animal welfare and responsible ownership.

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In March 2012 Dogstar delivered our first education sessions for 100 children at a local school  under the watchful eye of the Principle.

 During the interactive sessions the children role play , answer questions , colour and talk with the presenter about their own animals and experiences. We discuss animals basic needs , promote respect,  positive handling and interaction , bite prevention and what to do if you are bitten. At the end of the session each child signs a pledge to “be a dogstar” look after animals , be kind , be safe and if they are bitten to tell an adult and seek medical help. 

animal welfare education sri lankaThese sessions have been so successful that the local Medical Officer of Health who attended a session at a Temple in April 2012 requested that we deliver  the Dogstar eduction program to 2000 children at 46 local schools in the Rambukkana area of Sri Lanka

Each 11 page workbook costs us 25p to print , You can help us to make Sri Lanka a happy and healthier place for children and dogs alike by donating towards printing costs , no donation is too small and every book could literally save lives

If other animal welfare / non profit organstations ( worldwide ) would like to use these images to teach children in a non commerical setting please contact us and we can assit with translation & branding  for free. 

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