On 25th March 2019, our team picked up this adorable street dog we have named Rexy.

Rexy was taken to our clinic, examined and found to have a suspected bladder hernia and was admitted to the animal hospital for further testing and possible surgery.

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Photo 24-03-2019, 15 31 34

At the clinic whilst waiting to be transported to the animal hospital Rexy met a friend who was recovering from their sterilisation surgery and they shared a drink!

Rexy was diagnosed with perinial herniation with bladder and enlarged prostate gland and will need to undergo surgery to reduce the prostatomegaly.

Rexy tested positive for tick fever and received treatment to ensure he was strong enough before surgery was considered.

Update - 4th April 2019

Rexy had his surgery today and is so far doing well, he will need time to recover from this major surgery.

Update - 14th April 2019

Rexy and his cone of shame are doing really well after surgery, he needs to wait another week or so at before his sutures are removed and is currently wearing a cone to stop him licking and biting at his wound while it heals.


Overall the Doctor is happy with his progress and says he is the sweetest boy!

Photo 15-04-2019, 08 29 21 (1)

If anyone is able to donate a little something towards our Critical Care fund we would be so grateful.

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The critical care fund for street animals allows us to say yes to animals that are in dire need of medical care, providing lifesaving treatments for animals that would otherwise suffer alone and often die. 

Current in patients include Rexy with a bladder hernia, Bobbie with a broken jaw, Anthony with a head wound and Orion who was admitted back in January after being run over by a motorbike and was unable to walk, Orion is currently under going long term physiotherapy, he is now able to stand and walk a little but is not strong enough to go back to his street, we are currently looking for a foster home for him.

Recent patients who have now been discharged are, Jingle who had a nasty neck wound and Rufus with a fractured leg, Harry Dogstar who had cancer, Dunston who was hit by car and left for dead on the side of the road, Jigger who was hit by a tuk tuk and Hiru who needed surgery to remove an eye due to a nasty infection. 

Animals are admitted to a specialist veterinary hospital kennel and receive 24/7 care from a dedicated team.

Previously people have asked us to take in sick animals, promised to support them and then left us with large bills that we had to run emergency fundraising to clear, that’s not an effective way to run a charity it’s not sustainable and quite simply it means we cannot help the most animals.

To continue to provide the critical care program and help the maximum number of animals we need your help 

Having a regular income will allow us to support the widest number of animals and to buy supplies and equipment in advance 

Please sign up to be a Critical Care Champion today and help us say yes to dogs that have no other help coming for them. 





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