Sidney was a Sri Lankan street puppy, he lost all his fur due to mange.

His daily life was utter torment, constant itching, his skin was raw, covered in sores and maggot-infested wounds, Sidney was literally scratching himself to death

We found Sidney on the street, alone and afraid, we immediately treated him 

Within 24 hours his itching stopped and his little body started to heal 

After 6 weeks Sidney's transformation was incredible not only was he pain-free but his fur had completely grown back and he was adopted into a loving forever home. 

Thousands of dogs in Sri Lanka are suffering right now just like Sidney was

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You can stop their suffering and help them get their fur back

The medicine Sidney urgently needed cost just £10 and he needed 3 treatments 

We think if your dog could donate to this appeal, they would…

Street Dog Skin Care , taking welfare to the streets

In Sri Lanka, hundreds of thousands of dogs live on the street, with many suffering from a variety of life-threatening skin conditions.

Worms, ticks, mites and other skin parasites, can be agonising for a street dog. They lose their fur, scratch until they bleed, or in some cases, scratch themselves to death.

With specialist skin care, these dog's lives can be transformed, which is why we set up a Street Dog Skin Care program alongside our spay/neuter project.

To treat one dog one skin treatment costs £10, with some dogs needing up to 4 treatments to fully recover.

A regular donation of just £10 a month will treat one dog and help us continue this much-needed ongoing program.