Meet the Sri Lankan team


Samantha ( Sam ) Green

CEO & Founder
Sam founded Dogstar in 2006 after seeing the immense suffering caused by canine overpopulation. She proudly leads Dogstars award-winning animal welfare team

Mark Green

Operations Director
Mark overlooks the day to day operations of the clinics and the logistics to keep it running. He produces the reports to show how we are performing.

Tamsin Webb

Fund-raising and Relationship Manager
Tamsin keeps our donors in touch with how we are doing. She manages the street dog skin care program an is currently foster mum to six puppies.

Sampath Marasingha

Team Blue Manager, Sterilisation clinics
"Big" Sampath started out as the Dogstar Tuk Tuk driver in the early days. He now manages all of the Team Blue activities and staff.

Sampath Senevirathne

Team Blue Manager, Community Team
"Little" Sampath manages the community element of Team Blue from engagement to population estimates and street dog street care.
Field Team

Spay Neuter Field Team

Best Care Animal Hospital
A unique Partnership with Best Care Animal Hospital , dedicated team of Sri Lanka veterinary surgeons supported by a team of Sri Lankan veterinary assistants
Chaminda and sampath in tuk tuk copy


Team Blue
Always ready with a smile and a laugh, Charminda can been seen driving all over our project zones telling all about our mobile clinic.


Team Blue
Durminda is the data master at our mobile clinics recording details of all the surgeries taking place. He also help Charminda find locations for clinics.

Anjali De Silva

Community Team
Anjali used to volunteer her time at Dogstar before joining the team permanently. She is currently learning every aspect of our work.


Team Blue
Namal helps out at the mobile clinics, preparing the animals, microchipping and monitoring animals during and after surgery.

Dennis and Tiger Lilly

Head of cat section
Dennis was a stray cat who just moved in and took up residence. Tiger Lilly was rescued by Sam from a hospital, they are inseperable and make up the cat section.
Suggs and Star

Suggs and Star

Suggs was rescued from a back yard breeder puppy Star found on a beach, together they promote spay neuter and adoption.


Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher

Founder of Animal Centred Education (ACE) an integrated approach to animal wellbeing and education. It incorporates methods that were developed by Sarah Fisher at Tilley Farm, Sarah’s passion for detailed observations and building calm foundations on which further learning can be established, and techniques inspired by animals and other professionals working in the world of animal education and welfare.

Jessica Adams

Jessica writes horoscopes for Cosmopolitan and is the editor of the Holiday Goddess series of books. Her horoscopes are read by 2.8 million people a year.