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We run Sri Lanka’s largest charity spay neuter program

But why?

Because thousands of unwanted puppies are born every single day here and there are nowhere near enough good homes

Because often those puppies are dumped on the roadside at just a few weeks old 

Because some owners chain or kennel 24/7 and for many dogs living on the streets is better life! 

Because Female dogs having litter after litter are weakened and at risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Because Male dogs are injured in fights over females or hit by cars as they run wild trying to find females in heat

Because dogs are suffering 

Because prevention is better than cure 

Because there are thousands of reasons why spay neuter makes sense 

A professionally run spay neuter program can make a world of difference for dog welfare 

Dogstars flagship spay-neuter program in Negombo Sri Lanka has increased the % of dogs sterilised from under 8% to 75% and we are expanding and sharing our knowledge and experience with others

Every dog sterilised is a small victory in the fight against overpopulation and the related suffering

We believe it pays to spay in Sri Lanka and we hope you agree

It pays to spay

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